Whistleblow reporting channel

Metos is committed to operating transparently and adhering to the ethical principles it has set. We want to ensure that we act in accordance with these principles, constantly improve our operations, and address any issues. For this reason, we have implemented an anonymous reporting channel provided by our partners, commonly known as a whistleblow service.
Through this reporting channel, you can report issues, suspicions of misconduct, or violations related to Metos' activities, either by providing your name or anonymously. All notifications are treated confidentially, and the identity of the reporter is protected. The reporter will not become a victim, target of discrimination, or face any disadvantage for reporting issues observed in good faith. Notifications must be made honestly and in good faith.


When to use the anonymous reporting channel

We encourage you to first contact the manager or person responsible for the reported issue within our organization. If you feel unable to share your information openly, you can also express your concerns anonymously.


Receiving the notification

Notifications are taken seriously, and their handling is decided on a case-by-case basis. If a notification is accepted for processing, it will be thoroughly investigated. Notifications that are not made in good faith, made with malicious intent, or do not provide sufficient information for further investigation will not be processed.


Investigating the notification

Only designated handlers have access to the notifications and are bound by confidentiality obligations to ensure the confidentiality of the processing. Other individuals may be involved in the case, subject to the same obligations. Individuals targeted by the notification cannot participate in the investigation. During the investigation, handlers may ask additional questions to the reporter through the reporting channel. Therefore, it is advisable for the reporter to check the status of the notification via the link provided.
If the notification was made with the reporter's name, handlers may directly contact the reporter while ensuring the confidentiality of the investigation.


Removing information

If personal information is provided in the report, it will be deleted when no longer needed for investigative and enforcement purposes, usually within one month (30 days) after the conclusion of the investigation. The documents related to the investigation will be anonymous, and all information that could identify a person directly or indirectly will be removed.

Make a Whistleblow report from this link

Please save the link you receive during the reporting process. Only with this link can you provide additional information later and track the progress of the investigation.