The Metos design service – our goal is an efficient and functional professional kitchen

Our professional kitchen design service helps to ensure that your new kitchen is functional, efficient and long-lasting, and that working there will be smooth and ergonomic. Through us, you get access to the best professional kitchen design know-how. We have both long experience in the field and the latest information about the future trends, as well as the challenges that professional kitchen users face in their work. 

Competent kitchen design ensures that a professional kitchen remains functional in the long term. A professional kitchen will serve its users for several years, so when planning the whole, the future is also anticipated, such as the price of electricity and water, energy efficiency, customers, employees, food trends and much more. 

A functional and efficient professional kitchen is more than the sum of its equipment. The profitability of the investment is rarely determined by the price of individual products, as equipment choices affect, for example, the number of personnel needed. Our kitchen design service is not only about placing equipment correctly. The end result is planned based on the customer's needs, the processes and functionalities of a professional kitchen, and aiming for an efficient kitchen, we take into account, for example, the versatility of the equipment and logistics.  
The goal is to design a flexible workflow for the kitchen that progresses from one work step to the next, which also offers a good ergonomic experience to the employees.

Every professional kitchen is the right size for our design service

Our design service creates about 1 300 plans for various professional and production kitchens throughout Finland every year. Our customers include all kinds of restaurants, for example chain restaurants, fine dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, staff restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as restaurants at transport stations, kitchens in shopping centers and stores, kitchens in kindergartens, schools and hospitals, and offices. Creating kitchen plans for production kitchens and various food industry production units are also a big part of our design service's everyday life.

Every kitchen is always designed based on the customer's needs and wishes. We are happy to design small kitchens as well as large central kitchens.

”The design process of a functional professional kitchen starts from an understanding of both cooking and technical possibilities.” 
- Ismo Kumpulainen, kitchen planner 

International know-how – while remembering local flavor

As an international company and the market leader in the Nordic countries, we can also offer views and ideas for kitchen design from the rest of the world.

Despite that, we have strong local expertise, as well. 

The professional kitchen design service is free of charge for the customer, as part of the overall delivery of the project. Our design service also works in close collaboration with the customer's other suppliers, for example interior designers.

Equipment symbols and dimensional drawings facilitate design work

The equipment symbols are intended to be used by those who design kitchens themselves using AutoCAD or Revit. The symbols can be found on the product pages in connection with each product as both plan and face drawings under the "Documents" tab. The symbol shows the dimensions, connection information and connection locations of the product.

The dimensional drawing contains a proposal for the water, drain, and electrical connections required by the products included in the total delivery. The dimension drawing is intended to serve the needs of e.g. HVAC designers and the construction site. Dimensioning is performed after the order has been placed and is included in the delivery price.

The design service should be included in the kitchen project right from the beginning. Would you like more information about our design service?

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Walk in your kitchen in the planning phase

The space, the equipment and furniture, as well as the ergonomic experience, are easier to evaluate with the help of virtual modeling. With the help of the latest technology, you can virtually walk through the kitchen when it is still being designed and visualize the kitchen and its workflow in practice. AutoCAD and Revit are the everyday tools of Metos designers. The latest design technology speeds up and facilitates the flow of work and ensures the functionality of the plans. 

Scan the code with your phone and try it yourself:

”The kitchen is always important to the customer. That's why every job is equally significant to us.”
- Päivi Pulsa, kitchen designer

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You can also plan your kitchen yourself

Metos Professional Kitchen Planner is an easy-to-use application for designing a commercial kitchen that best suits your needs.
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